Service for March 29, 2020

Welcome to Worship this Week!


Pastor Judy shares this week’s announcements from her Paris office.

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The litany for today’s service.

One: When we feel isolated, we can remember Jesus said:

All: I am the True Vine; abide in me.

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Dear God,
Thank you for bringing us all here together again. We have learned so much about you through the words of your Son, Jesus Christ, and we hunger for a deeper sense of you and your love for us.

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Passing the Peace

Some pictures to say hello! Please send us your picture to We would like to see all of our friends from all of our churches and community!


This week’s scripture is John 15: 5-8. 

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Sermon (no video this week)

This week’s sermon is posted as text to make it easier for those who are unable to watch videos. Please call Pastor Judy if you would like her to read it to you!

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Today's Offering - Paris

Donations may be mailed to:

Paris UMC
P.O. Box 506
Paris, AR 72855

Today's Offering - Magazine

Donations may be mailed to:

Magazine UMC
P.O. Box 439
Magazine, AR 72943

Today's Offering - Waveland

Donations may be mailed to:

Waveland UMC
P.O. Box 439
Magazine, AR 72943

Children's Message Part 1

Story in three parts to make it easier to view.

Children's Message Part 2

Story continued…

Children's Message Part 3

The best part of the story!

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