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Our church is a place where all are invited in to discover who God is and the purpose God has for all of us. We think a church should be one of the most engaging and exciting places on the planet—a place where people of any and all backgrounds can experience a God who is real and relevant in their lives today. And that’s exactly what we want to help you do!

Paris United Methodist Church

Why visit us

Our people are ready to love you

We are a congregation of believers committed to sharing the message of Christ and guiding others towards faith. As a church, we aim to love those in our community with the same love Christ has given to us. The work of our church is aimed at directing others towards the Savior in the hopes that we will encounter the one true God and be transformed by His gracious love for all of us. Through all we do, say, and preach, we pray that we will shine the light of Christ to all those we encounter.

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205 North Elm Street
(P.O. Box 506)
Paris, Arkansas 72855



(479) 963-8000

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